Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I didn't know he could fly

We were fortunate enough to go to two family reunions this year, and I was very surpised to learn that my husband can fly. In the first picture he's flying in a potato sack race. My family does some pretty funny relay races, probably to give my grandparents a laugh. We had a great time with my extended family at the "mansion house". One of the perks of my dad's job is we got to stay in a really nice lodge in a beautiful valley. The next picture is on our family hike. The whole way up the kids were saying things like: "I'm hot. I'm tired. Can we stop now my legs hurt. I want to go back." But we all got up there and the kids were so proud of themselves when we were done. It was a pretty steep hike and my legs hurt for 3 days afterwords because we hiked down really fast so that we could meet up with the rest of my family. Did I mention my kids can also fly? My kids had tons of fun with their cousins. It was hard to say goodbye, the time went so fast and they loved being together. On our next stop we went camping with my husband's family, where we were very grateful for our really big tent that kept us dry. We were spoiled by my in-laws who brought their boat and we went tubing. Here's my husband flying again, he's the one in the air. The kids had tons of fun with cousins: hiking, wake boarding, riding horses, and laughing around the campfire. I was so impressed Meg and Erika actually got up on the wake board (it was their first time trying), and Meg even rode it for a while.

We feel very blessed to have been able to go to our reunions. It just seemed a little short. We miss everyone so much. The video end is after we got home from our trip. We went to a park and the kids had a blast.


wendys said...

Sounds like we were in the same part of the country for a few days! I am glad you had fun. It's great seeing family again after an absence.

Jodee said...

we miss you guys already! I am glad you survived your camping and it sounds like no huge disasters occured this time!
Some day I will get to the maound of pictures I have and send you some! Love you!

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family! I'm glad that you have had such a great summer break. I love the pics of your flying family!

Bekah said...

Love the pictures! Evan calls that park in your video "the hard park" I guess he had a bad experience there when he was younger! haha!

and he really loves you! He is always talking about his teacher. You've made a huge influence on his little life. Thank you!

ArchRay said...

What a fun family reunion! I didn't know they could fly!