Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ode to Ronnie

My big brother Ronnie recently informed me that I have a "little sister selective memory of our childhood." I prefer to say that I have a very accurate, detailed memory of our childhood, so Ronnie this post is for you. Ronnie is 2 1/2 years older than me and my sister wasn't born until we were teenagers, so growing up it was mostly just us. On occasion Ronnie would get fed up with the fact that I was his sister and not his brother and would force me to be his very unwilling wrestling opponent. This helped me be a little bit stronger and a little more competative. There were a couple of times I would come up with a new move that would actually work, but they would only work once. Most of the time Ronnie would compromise with me, we would play Barbies with my doll house and then we would go play GI Joe, nintendo, lazer tag, or nerf swords.

Ronnie has always been a great guy and a great brother. He's a big guy, much taller than me, with a booming voice. He's very fun loving. Ronnie is incredibly intelligent, he always beats me at everything (which has helped me be prepared for my husband because he beats me at everything too). I did beat him twice though, I learned to whistle before he did and I learned to blow bubble gum bubbles first. Ronnie took care of me and protected me when I needed it, even when I didn't know I needed it. When we went to the arcade and some kid wouldn't leave me alone because I gave him a quarter and he wanted more Ronnie scared him away. Ronnie asked all of his friends to dance with me when I went to my first dance, probably because he knew I would be a wall flower if they didn't.

In high school, my big brother was poplular, athletic, caring, and handsome(he still is). I had so many girls try to be my friend so they could get to my brother (most of them I actually did become friends with, but it was even wierder when my friends went after him). I was clueless at the time, Ronnie of course knew better. He's always been patient with me and I appreciate that.
Ronnie is a sports fanatic, but he doesn't like watching sports alone, when we were kids he would beg me to stay up with him and watch a game. I would only do it because he would make me a "bed" to doze in during the game. He would get bean bags and pillows and blankets and make a sort of nest that I would stay in during the game. It was all worth it when, at my in-laws house, we were playing a guys vs girls game and the guys asked us how long a penalty box penalty was in hockey, and I was the only woman in the room who could yell out 2 minutes!
When my sister was born it was fun to watch my brother spoil her and dote on her. Now that he is married and has kids, it's fun to see how much his wife and kids adore him. He also goes out of his way to pay attention to my kids who also can't get enough of uncle Ronnie.
Ronnie thank you. Thank you for all the things you taught me. Thanks for taking care of me and for putting up with me, and most of all, thanks for providing me with enough memories to make me laugh for the rest of my life. I love you big brother!
Oh and yes, thanks for getting in trouble more than me! (family joke)


Anonymous said...

That is an incredible tribute. Isn't it wonderful that families are forever?

Jodee said...

Awe, how sweet. I know for a fact that he loves his little sisters so much and wants nothing but happiness for them. Can't wait to see you guys!

Jodee said...

oh yeah, and he STILL can't whistle! His 5 year old daughter beat him to that one too!

Louise n Tim said...

Brothers are pretty neat! Thanks for sharing and reminding me how much I love mine too.

Ronnie said...

Hey Sis,

Sorry I didn't know about this post until today. That was very sweet of you. I appreciate the sister you've always been and the great family that you have now. Though it is no fun to live so far away from one another, I'm glad that we are able to stay in touch!

manderskids said...

I have always admired the relationship you had with Ronnie. I could see that you two really enjpyed being together. I wish I had had that relationship with my brothers when we were growing up. You are one lucky sister!

Pam said...

I wish I had a brother :)