Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay Diana tagged me and I'm supposed to tell 7 weird facts about me, only 7? Okay I'm not going to follow all the rules.
1. I like to sew. In college I took a basic sewing class, probably because my mom made tons of dresses and quilts and Halloween cotumes for me and I wanted to do the same for my kids. My mother-in-law also sews and made my wedding dress. I made this sheep costume. I actually made little Bo Peep and her sheep, but that picture isn't digitized yet. I also made the sleeping beauty costume. I also made Uncle Same, Betsy Ross, and the Statue of Liberty one year. The last picture is Meg's baptism dress that I made out of my wedding dress.

2. I'm a very private person but I love people. I love to know all about people but have a hard time telling people about me. In high school, I met and became friends with a girl who was voted most likely to suceed. We had never met but both new about each other. She told me once, "I heard how smart you are, but I'm glad to know you're nice too" It was one of the nicest compliments I've ever received, and I was shocked that anybody talked about me.

3. I like to cook and bake. I spend a lot more time preparing food than most people I know. I've really gotten into nutrition. We eat whole grains, and I've tried to cut down on sugar, salt, and corn syrup. The food I bake is good, it's just not pretty. Oh well.

4. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the Savior and my Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for my blessings. I love the scriptures.

5. I love to read. I love to live in books. I daydream a lot. My favorite author is Jane Austen and I love the classics. I also love fantasy like Harry Potter and the Inheritance Trilogy. I also love movies and really enjoy reading the book and seeing the movie.

6. I hemmoraghed after my fourth child was born and lost half my blood. I passed out in the hospital on the toilet. I don't recommend it to anyone, it took the entire first six weeks to recover and I scared myself everytime I looked in the mirror. I looked like a walking corpse.

7. I grew up in Maryland and I loved it! Some of my nicknames from that time were Chatperson and Charlie. A friend called me Charlie because he thought I looked like Charlie Chaplin. I walk with my feet out, curse of taking ballet class as a little girl, in fact I've had people ask if I dance. My AP biology teacher called me Chatperson because I asked tons of questions. I'm sure everybody got tired of me in class. I asked tons of questions in every class, sorry guys. This last picture I found is of Diana's little boy Ian at date night, Hah! Hah!
I tag Beckie, Jodee, Rayette, Wendy, Rachael, Pam and Louise.


MackSlackers said...

okay thanks, I loved it. Oh and the picture of Ian is so AWESOME. I'm gonna post it on my blog now. Oh the blackmail that will bring!

wendys said...

I knew you would tag me! Hmm. I will have to think about it. Having lived with you for a year, I will concur that you love people, are a private person, are a daydreamer, are very smart but you are also a great friend.

Kristen said...

Hey thanks Wendy, but it takes one to know one;)

Pam said...

I love hearing all these fun and interesting things about you that I never knew. I always knew you were smart and talented, but wow! I love the costumes you sew. Life is incredibly busy right now but I'll try to get to the tag challenge soon. You are an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kristen. I didn't realize that you did tag me or I would have responded sooner. lol I got hit by another friend. I'm glad that you enjoyed my post. I certainly enjoyed yours!