Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm crying, crying, cyring, I'm crying


I've watched my boys' hair get longer and longer and decided to cut it today. Hyrum has cute curly hair, but it was getting kind of wild. I decided to just trim his hair, but the curls rebelled! His hair isn't curly anymore! They're gone! I cut off the curls! I'm going to hear all about it at church on Sunday! Actually I think they'll come back in a few days and after I give him a bath. He looks so much younger with his hair shorter. He looks more like little Czar. I'm grateful that hair grows back:)



Jodee said...

he is still as cute as ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are sad, but he is a cutie pie!

ArchRay said...

I agree. He is a cutie!

Louise n Tim said...

He sure doesn't look like himself without his curls. But he is so adorable!