Monday, September 29, 2008

How to find Joy

In my church we have a wonderful program for women called visiting teaching. Each women is given several other women to visit and care for. Basically it's a program for women to help nurture other women. Over the weekend, I watched a church meeting for women and Elder Uchtdorf gave a great talk. In it he told us the easiest way to find happiness is to serve. I felt impressed to go visit one of my ladies on my visiting teaching route. Let me tell you about her. She is a grandma on disability. She struggles with health and finacial issues. She is kind and generous and loving. She loves kids. She lives with her daughter and grandson, but is home alone all day with no form of transportation. I was out by her house and decided to stop by with my two youngest to visit. The visit filled my emotional/spiritual cup and I feel happy. She loved my boys as they ate all her candy and they loved her cats. What did it cost me? Time. Was it worth it? Yes! Maybe if the world would stop to take care of the individual, we'd all be a little bit happier.


Anonymous said...

President Uchtdorf's talk was amazing, and something that I really needed to hear. The conference overall was amazing and I am so jazzed for General Conference this weekend!

Oh, and welcome to the wide world of blogging!

wendys said...

I really enjoyed his talk as well! I am excited to read your future blogs and see updates of the kids.

Beckie said...

Kristen, you are always so inspiring to me. Keep up the good work, people are lucky to have you.

We miss you. TONS!

Louise n Tim said...

Now I'm near tears. What an inspired woman you are. I'm loving your blog!