Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, it has been awhile. You know the drill, summer ends, kids go back to school, and all of a sudden it's time for the Holidays! We had fun for Halloween and now we are racing towards Thanksgiving. Here's a picture of Dad and the kids with my monkey nephew. I had to post a picture of our pumpkin for Elizabeth who is a pirate at heart;) (The kids picked that pumpkin for you! )

The rest of this post is just some random pictures for your amusement.
For some reason getting buried alive in corn is a lot of fun!

This picture speaks for itself, that's my girl!

Little boy don't grow up too soon!

Precious moments!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I didn't know he could fly

We were fortunate enough to go to two family reunions this year, and I was very surpised to learn that my husband can fly. In the first picture he's flying in a potato sack race. My family does some pretty funny relay races, probably to give my grandparents a laugh. We had a great time with my extended family at the "mansion house". One of the perks of my dad's job is we got to stay in a really nice lodge in a beautiful valley. The next picture is on our family hike. The whole way up the kids were saying things like: "I'm hot. I'm tired. Can we stop now my legs hurt. I want to go back." But we all got up there and the kids were so proud of themselves when we were done. It was a pretty steep hike and my legs hurt for 3 days afterwords because we hiked down really fast so that we could meet up with the rest of my family. Did I mention my kids can also fly? My kids had tons of fun with their cousins. It was hard to say goodbye, the time went so fast and they loved being together. On our next stop we went camping with my husband's family, where we were very grateful for our really big tent that kept us dry. We were spoiled by my in-laws who brought their boat and we went tubing. Here's my husband flying again, he's the one in the air. The kids had tons of fun with cousins: hiking, wake boarding, riding horses, and laughing around the campfire. I was so impressed Meg and Erika actually got up on the wake board (it was their first time trying), and Meg even rode it for a while.

We feel very blessed to have been able to go to our reunions. It just seemed a little short. We miss everyone so much. The video end is after we got home from our trip. We went to a park and the kids had a blast.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Camera

I finally got a new camera this weekend! We'll see if I can get my act back together and blog some more now. This picture sums up our holiday. We had some good old-fashioned fun. We played in the sprinkler, played with friends and fam, and ate some ice cream. Yum. Here's a video I even took with my camera. It was going to be a video of Hyrum's cute little tantrum, notice him throwing himself on the floor, but Jarom decided to ham it up for the camera.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Babies. . .

I love babies! I always have, so when my doula sister-in-law invited me to attend the birth of her baby boy, I jumped for joy! I was nervous about 2 things: that I wouldn't be able to stay up through an all nighter, and that I wouldn't be able to help out my "doula" sister as much as she helped me. To prepare I read two books that she loaned me, thought about my births and how she hepled me, and packed my bag the day she went to the midwife and was already dilated to a 3 with no contractions. That night I was foggly roused from sleep at 12:30 and realized my cell phone was ringing so I jumped out of bed and answered. Stephanie said they were on their way to the hospital 45 minutes away, I said I'd be there. I hung up and asked my husband if he could watch the kids. I informed him I would be leaving for the hospital as soon as I stopped shaking from waking up so fast. The whole way to the hospital I prayed that I wouldn't fall asleep driving. Stephanie was laboring well when I finally got to the hospital and I started helping her through contractions. I met her midwife Karen and the really great nurse Nikki. Stephanie was working hard and doing well. We walked the halls, she got in the tub, she labored leaning on me or Kevin, but she stalled in transition. Things got really hard and strangely when the midwife broke her water there was no water. When Stephanie got back in the tub she slipped and 3 of us tried to keep her from falling more, I felt really bad about that. Finally she got to the pushing stage and Quentin graced us with his presence soon after 7 am. It was amazing. Stephanie did awesome and Quentin is adorable! The midwife gave me a big hug and said I could come doula anytime, and guess what I didn't fall asleep!;) I decided to take my nephew Teddy home for both of us to take a nap. I was so tired that we had a little adventure; when we got to my car I realized I forgot my jacket so I called Stephanie to tell her to take it to her new room but her phone was in my purse. We got out of the car to go back in the hospital and promptly got in the elevator, when it started going I said, "Teddy why are we in the elevator, this isn't the way we came out!" He said, "I was just following you. I thought adults usually know where they are going." Needless to say, all the way home I prayed I wouldn't fall asleep. Czar asked me how it was to witness a birth without being the one giving birth. I said, "It was empowering, I loved it, and I'm really glad that tonight I get to sleep through the night in my own bed.";) I hope I'll be able to go to another one sometime. Any volunteers? This last picture is me when it was all over, no make-up, no hair do, but happy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Musings. . .

My camera is dying. It will only work if it is plugged in and then it only works sometimes. The focus is all messed up, and the quality has really gone downhill. I'm so bummed, the only problem with technology is it doesn't seem to last long enough for how much it costs! Oh well, hopefully i'll get myself, I mean my tech savy husband (I'm so lucky to have someone who understands this stuff), to the store soon for a new one. So, you'll have to bare with my musings without fun pictures.
We've had crazy weather here lately, last week it was 60 and we enjoyed every minute of it. I've learned boys do better if they can go outside! We went swimming at the YMCA, which is always amusing watching the kids. We were there 45 minutes when Hyrum started shivering, and I thought I'd have to take him out soon, about 5 minutes later his mouth starts quivering and his teeth start chattering, so I take him out;) This week it snowed 8 inches and we had a blast as a family sledding for two hours on Saturday with: no whining, no necessary potty breaks, no food breaks, and no tears. It was perfect.
We've had a lot of warm fuzzy moments lately. I'll mention one, my baby has the "need" to be cuddled when he wakes up from his nap. (If he doesn't get it, he gets really grumpy) My husband and I were playing a game Saturday when he woke up and he came to get his lovings. We were pre-occupied and didn't want him to mess up the game with lots of little pieces. He starts balling and turns to his 3 year old brother, (because he was the only one there) to be comforted. Jarom hugs him with this huge smile on his face like he knew he was doing a great deed. It was really cute! Oh I wish I had a picture of it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm still here, mostly

Hey everyone, no I haven't forgotten you. Sorry it's been a while. We got busy with birthdays, Christmas, a surgery, a baptism, new carpet, a new pair of glasses, tons of doctors appointments . . . ok you get it. Here's some pictures from it all. All this business got me thinking about how all mom's of multiple children have stories; crazy ones, if you're one of those moms you know what I'm talking about. So here's one of my crazy stories.

A couple of years ago we went to visit family in Utah. We wanted to get to 2 reunions so that meant our vacation was going to be 3 weeks long. We went in the summer to Park City for our first family reunion with my husband's family. My in-laws generously used their timeshare to get all of their 6 children and their families in the Marriot Resort. We got there Saturday and had a very nice liesurely Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night my 6 month old started throwing up, and kept throwing up. I finally got a hotel towel and brought him to the bed with me. Everytime he threw up I would wake up and put the towel in front of his mouth then we'd go back to sleep. By morning I was nervous for him because he threw up so many times. But he quit by 9 which was when we were doing family pictures, which you can guess, I really wasn't in the mood for. Monday night we put the kids to bed and the adults played games when my oldest came out of the bedroom white as a ghost and I said uh oh, did you just throw up. Yep, all over the hotel bed and floor. Half of the family got the stomach flu. I let my sister-in-law use my mascara for the family pictures, dumb I know, and of course I get pink-eye. Twice. After this eventful reunion we went to my parents house and after a few days there we notice my son has a rash. I take him to the PA who says its a drug reaction because he was on antibiotics for an ear infection. I'm like, what, he finished the medicine 2 days ago. We go home and have a miserable night, my poor son tossed and turned all night long. When I turned on the lights I was mortified at the hives all over his poor body. We took him in again, to the doctor this time, who tried to comfort 2 concerned parents. He let us know that this was a mild case, a bad case would have sent him straight to the hospital, that it might last several weeks and to give lots of benedryl. He also said take pictures to put in his records when we got home. He was like this for a week. The new hives would be bright red like a bull's-eye and the old hives would turn black and blue like bruises. By the time the next family reunion came his hives were almost gone, but when we left for the reunion house he refused to walk. My extremely active 2 year old did not want to walk and made me push him around in the stroller. He had more bad nights where he cried out in pain all night long, and still wouldn't walk. Took him to another doctor, who basically said take care of it when you get home, that was helpful. Oh, and half of the family members got the stomach flu at this reunion, we though we missed it, but on the way home, I was woken up at the hotel to my other daughter throwing up. She threw up several times at the hotel and once right when she got in the van, but fortunately in a bag, and was ok the rest of the way home. My poor brother's family didn't have it so well on the way home. Home, hurray, but a few weeks later my son wouldn't walk again, so I said all right, I'm going to my pediatrician whom I adore. She finally helped me and termed it Omnicef serum sickness. Apparently its not an "allergic reaction", but he shouldn't have that medicine again and I asked her how long he was going to have symptoms, of hives and joint pain, and she said it could be up to 6 months. Believe it or not, we still had fun on our trip, even though it was crazy, as my husbands family would put it, it was an adventure. Ok moms post your crazy stories. Oh, and Melissa I posted this picture for you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ode to Ronnie

My big brother Ronnie recently informed me that I have a "little sister selective memory of our childhood." I prefer to say that I have a very accurate, detailed memory of our childhood, so Ronnie this post is for you. Ronnie is 2 1/2 years older than me and my sister wasn't born until we were teenagers, so growing up it was mostly just us. On occasion Ronnie would get fed up with the fact that I was his sister and not his brother and would force me to be his very unwilling wrestling opponent. This helped me be a little bit stronger and a little more competative. There were a couple of times I would come up with a new move that would actually work, but they would only work once. Most of the time Ronnie would compromise with me, we would play Barbies with my doll house and then we would go play GI Joe, nintendo, lazer tag, or nerf swords.

Ronnie has always been a great guy and a great brother. He's a big guy, much taller than me, with a booming voice. He's very fun loving. Ronnie is incredibly intelligent, he always beats me at everything (which has helped me be prepared for my husband because he beats me at everything too). I did beat him twice though, I learned to whistle before he did and I learned to blow bubble gum bubbles first. Ronnie took care of me and protected me when I needed it, even when I didn't know I needed it. When we went to the arcade and some kid wouldn't leave me alone because I gave him a quarter and he wanted more Ronnie scared him away. Ronnie asked all of his friends to dance with me when I went to my first dance, probably because he knew I would be a wall flower if they didn't.

In high school, my big brother was poplular, athletic, caring, and handsome(he still is). I had so many girls try to be my friend so they could get to my brother (most of them I actually did become friends with, but it was even wierder when my friends went after him). I was clueless at the time, Ronnie of course knew better. He's always been patient with me and I appreciate that.
Ronnie is a sports fanatic, but he doesn't like watching sports alone, when we were kids he would beg me to stay up with him and watch a game. I would only do it because he would make me a "bed" to doze in during the game. He would get bean bags and pillows and blankets and make a sort of nest that I would stay in during the game. It was all worth it when, at my in-laws house, we were playing a guys vs girls game and the guys asked us how long a penalty box penalty was in hockey, and I was the only woman in the room who could yell out 2 minutes!
When my sister was born it was fun to watch my brother spoil her and dote on her. Now that he is married and has kids, it's fun to see how much his wife and kids adore him. He also goes out of his way to pay attention to my kids who also can't get enough of uncle Ronnie.
Ronnie thank you. Thank you for all the things you taught me. Thanks for taking care of me and for putting up with me, and most of all, thanks for providing me with enough memories to make me laugh for the rest of my life. I love you big brother!
Oh and yes, thanks for getting in trouble more than me! (family joke)